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How To Increase Your Facebook Business Page’s Audience

1) Frequent, engaging content (8+ posts per day – memes, emotional photos, humor) for at least four weeks post-page launch.

2) Creating fan-acquisition giveaways and having other brands promote them on their already-huge Facebook pages or mailing lists.

3)Original content is not always the best content.
Don’t create until you’re a master at curation! Have you considered sharing viral content from other sources? Many times founders spend most of their time creating their own designs and pieces of content, when they could have simply curated content that had already over-performed on other pages or social media platforms. Pay attention to copyright issues here, though! Always credit the original content creator or ask for permission in case you are not sure whether you are allowed to share their content.


This says you should post 8+ times in your page to increase user engagement.. please take editor roles in pages of your interest.. you can posr memes, emotional photos, Humour anything.. it does not have to be original content.. anything that is interesting can be posted.. we have 100 + pages, so you will definitely find something that peaks your interest, that you want to talk about.. and all creative people here… please create your own fb pages as well as start posting in our fb pages to grow the audience of both pages combinedly

Our Interest based communities are the places for people with similar interest to interact with each other, ask questions, answer others’ questions, plan events and help each other in terms of knowledge sharing and promote affiliate links. These communities are an ever expanding list as we keep on creating newer n newer platforms about niche topics with people suggestions. The purpose is just one. To give anyone & everyone a platform to express himself/herself among like minded individuals who understand the context and can offer valuable suggestions, advices. guidances to the individual while growing together in terms of skills, knowledge & professional networking. Please find the list of Interest based communities here: Autos & Vehicles (https://facebook.com/unboxdautos) , Arts & Entertainment (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdentertainments) , Beauty & Fashion (https://facebook.com/unboxdfashion), Cartoon & Animation (https://facebook.com/unboxdanime), Health (https://facebook.com/unboxdhealth) , Law & Government (https://facebook.com/unboxdlegaldesk) , Food & Beverage (https://facebook.com/unboxdcuisines) , Books & Literature (https://facebook.com/unboxdbookstack), Lifestyle (https://facebook.com/unboxdlifestyle) , Travels (https://facebook.com/unboxdtravels) , Adventure (https://facebook.com/unboxdadventure) , Political Humour / Satire (https://facebook.com/unboxdsatire), People & Society (https://facebook.com/unboxdcommons) , Finance (https://facebook.com/unboxdfinance) , Shaayaris/Poetries (https://facebook.com/unboxdshaayaris) , Graphics Designing (https://facebook.com/unboxddesigns) , Photo Sharing (https://facebook.com/unboxdpixr) , Video Sharing (https://facebook.com/unboxdvideos), Offer/Coupons/Discounts (https://facebook.com/unboxdoffers), Sports (https://www.facebook.com/Sportsunboxd), Shopping (https://www.facebook.com/shopunboxd)

Please comment if you wish to take up editor roles in any of the above pages.

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